Architectural Milky PVB Film

Architectural milky PVB film is a high polymer for producing laminated glass. Architectural PVB interlayer glass has good performance with safety, heat preservation, quarantine sound,light and Ultraviolet Rays etc. Wuhan Pensieve Technology Co.,Ltd is a leader high polymer factory, pls contact us for PVB film.

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Architectural Milky PVB Film

Other Name: Polyvinyl butyral film, PVB interlayer

CAS: 63148-65-2


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Inner packing: Every layer of PVB film rolls is separated by PE film and vacuumed by aluminum foil.

Outer packing: Wooden or Carton box with product information. 


Producing Laminated glass or interlayer glass for architecture, automotive and solar energy field. It has many good performance, such as safety, heat preservation, quarantine sound and Ultraviolet Rays etc.